Special Edition

At Passoni, we pride ourselves on being innovators in the design and manufacture of custom bikes. We relish the opportunity to make standout frames to mark our milestone design achievements, and collaborate with riders and brands who share our passion for innovation.

Year of the Dragon
Italian craftsmanship meets Chinese art.
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Passoni Special Edition year-of-the-dragon-24
Passoni Special Edition year-of-the-dragon-24
Passoni Special Edition year-of-the-dragon-24
THE CONCEPT In the Chinese lunar calendar the dragon holds a special place of honour, symbolising power, strength, good fortune and success. To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, which coincides with 2024 in the Gregorian calendar, Passoni has created a unique bicycle limited to just 24 pieces that perfectly embodies the qualities of the mythical beast.

The contrasting background colour is a deep candy gloss red with a translucent finish so that Passoni’s industry-leading carbo-titanium weave – which includes titanium filaments within carbon-fibre – is visible through the paint of the top tube, seat tube, upper chainstays and fork, like a modern supercar.
“The Vinci model that we used for the Year of the Dragon bicycle is already the perfect blend of titanium and carbon. Now adorning it with this beautiful and extraordinary design represents the perfect meeting of Italian craftsmanship with Chinese art. It is an instant icon.” Matteo Cassina
Passoni Special Edition year-of-the-dragon-24
Passoni Special Edition year-of-the-dragon-24
Frame specification
TUBES Titanium grade 9 (3Al / 2,5V) with different thicknesses, Carbo-Titanium tubes, Passoni Project, for seat tube and top tube. Titanium grade 5 (6Al / 4V) for head tube, bottom bracket shell and dropouts, CNC works.
FRONT TRIANGLE Carbo-titanium top tube Ø 35mm, carbo-titanium seat tube Ø 35 mm, titanium downtube Ø 42mm.
REAR TRIANGLE Carbo-Titanium Aero seat stays Ø 21x24mm. Oval chain stays taper 21 x 27 mm S-shaped.
BOTTOM BRACKET Titanium grade 5, CNC machined, Passoni engraved logo and frame code, T47
HEADTUBE Integrated conical Ø 56mm, CNC machined, bearings Ø 1”1/8 upper – 1”1/2 lower.
DROPOUTS Titanium grade 5 CNC machined, Ergal insert for disc brake thru-axle support.
SEATPOST Traditional seatpost
FORK Deda EDG Fork
OPTIONS The frame is available only for electronic groupset.