Passoni is dedicated to the passion of cycling. Our atelier just outside Milan sits in the shadow of the great Alpine climbs made famous by the Giro d’Italia. That passion for the sport and culture of cycling has run through the veins of the Passoni brand and family for the last 30 years. Manufacturing and building all of our bikes in Italy, Passoni has developed a worldwide reputation for creating exceptional custom bike frames in carbon-fibre, steel and titanium, designed for those with a true appreciation of fine craftsmanship. Our frame builders draw on decades of experience to create a Passoni bike crafted for each rider, from enthusiasts to pro cyclists, from tradesmen to business leaders. That’s the reason so many have fallen in love with our bikes. .

Core values of Passoni

Passoni began as a family company, and we retain that identity with close bonds to all of our employees. We believe in responsible European manufacturing processes. And we care for our employees, customers, and wider society.

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What matters to us

As a Benefit Company, Passoni believes in delivering a public and social benefit beyond simply building profit. We champion sustainability in our work and support multiple charities. Recently, we help the intensive care unit at Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo in its efforts against the Covid-19 pandemic. We continue to support and contribute to World Bicycle Relief and Action Medica Research, the UK charity saving children's lives.