Our commitment to quality

Each Passoni frame is measured, cut, mitred, assembled, welded and finished by hand in our atelier in Milan by artisan framebuilders. We spend 30 hours finishing and polishing our titanium frames, applying an attention to detail that is second to none in the industry. Whether using our bike-fitters in Vimercate (Milan), or one of our selected partners across the world, Passoni insists on the highest fittings and assessment standards. We ensure that the fit process finds the perfect geometry for your Passoni, while our Made-to-Measure consultation process perfects our selection of tubing to match your riding.

The Process

Passoni sources the best materials in carbon, steel, or titanium in the sector. We use only grade 9 (3Al / 2,5V) and grade 5 (6Al / 4V) titanium – meeting ASTM aerospace industrial standards. Our industry-leading carbo-titanium and carbon fibre is sourced from Veneto, while we use Columbus XCR stainless steel tubing in our top tier steel bikes. Passoni frames are all manufactured under close scrutiny in our atelier to maintain quality control at every juncture. Any contamination from oxygen, nitrogen or even traces of dirt can affect the quality of a titanium frame. This is why, having sized and cut titanium tubes, our frames enter an arc-welding chamber to be welded in a vacuum filled with our own custom selection of gases. Steel and carbon frames made in our atelier enjoy the same level of care and attention, with Tig-welding and silver brazing in steel, and aerospace-grade autoclave curing for our carbon frames.  
Un pezzo di ingegneria assolutamente incredibile, design e finitura assolutamente sbalorditiva!
Martyn T. - Passoni Customer


Creating truly exceptional bikes takes time, but as a result we believe our bikes are timeless. For many of our customers, a Passoni is a lifetime partner. With that in mind we support Passoni owners throughout their time with the bike. Each Passoni bike comes with exclusive and lifetime membership to our owners club. Our bikes reflect a unique dedication to engineering, precision and artisan beauty. And of course, passion. For information on how to care for your Passoni bike, please visit our knowledge hub.