Blossom Ski & Atk Bindings

Blossom Ski + Atk Bindings X Passoni

€1,368.00 *

Passoni is proud to present his new partnership with Blossom Ski and Atk Bindings.

We create together an highly responsive, extremely versatile ski that is easy to handle. With its wood core sandwich construction and low weight, the Blossom x Passoni ski is perfect downhill, but also very enjoyable uphill. It is suitable for the fearless who adore that feeling of freedom when they are on the snow, ready to tackle any trail.

* All prices shown on our website are intended to be for direct clients of Passoni Titanio Societa Benefit s.r.l. where we operate a point of sale at our Atelier in Vimercate (Milano). All prices exclude VAT, local duties and shipping costs calculated on each project with our clients depending on how we deliver products and when.