Titanio Classica

Material Titanium
Frame weight 1.4Kg
Price From €5990*
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Titanio Classica Disco is the perfect mix between vintage cycling and the most modern technologies. The result is a timeless titanium bike.

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Each Passoni bike that leaves our Atelier is a celebration of what can be achieved by the skill, care and dedication of our builders, and a lifelong obsession with precision engineering. Fully-customised, made-to-measure geometry allows us to tailor the bike to your exact requirements. Our mission is to blur the lines between rider and machine; to help our riders achieve what they never thought possible, and to deliver a ride for the ages every time your hands touch the bars.
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Titanio Classica Disco answers the versatility demands of the modern cyclist while maintaining our class-defining all day comfort on your rides over the most challenging parcours. Tube profiles are reimagined from the Titanio Classica, delivering added stiffness throughout the frameset, built around the SLX fork from Columbus and the oversized bottom bracket for confident, pin-point-precise handling.

The Titanio Classica Disco is your perfect bike for big days. Using only the finest materials in frame construction; our obsessive attention to detail in the way we join and shape metal, brought together with the added clearance afforded by disc brakes (up to 32mm road tyres), Titanio Classica Disco is a bike with unparalleled all-day rideability.
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Our lifelong obsession with discovering, developing and deploying the very best frame materials has led us to this: the Titanio Classica Disco is the lightest road bike we have ever created. If your ride takes you upwards, this is the bike for you.

Titanio Classica Disco
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The famous Passoni finishing

We believe in the beauty of simplicity. By constantly analysing, evolving and refining we aim craft exceptional bikes and deliver an unprecedented level of service. Over the decades we have applied this methodology to our Made-to-Measure process.

made-measure-order-title-step-first-bike THE SANDBLASTED FINISHING Sandblasted & Anodized (F3)

Aesthetic welding ripples, tubes finished by glass beads blasting, graphics applied directly on the tube in titanium by anodizing process.

made-measure-order-title-step-second-bike THE MACHINED SATING FINISHING The "Vinci" finishing (F2)

Aesthetic welding ripples, tubes machine satin finished, graphics applied directly on the tube in titanium by sandblast.

made-measure-order-title-step-third-bike THE CLASSIC PASSONI FINISHING Glazed by hand (F1)

Welding joints and tubes glazed by hand, graphics applied directly on the tube in titanium by sandblast.

* All prices shown on our website are intended to be for direct clients of Passoni Titanio Societa Benefit s.r.l. where we operate a point of sale at our Atelier in Vimercate (Milano). All prices exclude VAT, local duties and shipping costs calculated on each project with our clients depending on how we deliver products and when.