In the workshop: Custom Selle Italia saddles

Creating the perfect bike means selecting components that complement its design while matching the needs of its rider. Nowhere is this more crucial than when finding the right saddle. The most obvious interface between rider and bicycle, getting the right one ensures both comfort and efficiency. Passoni relies on saddles from our compatriots at Selle Italia when completing our custom bikes
Founded outside of Milan in the village of Corsico in 1897, for over 120 years, Selle Italia has supported cyclists by providing them with somewhere to sit. Recently, it’s developed the idmatch tool to help riders navigate its range. Its scientific approach perfectly aligns each body’s morphology with the equipment’s characteristics. An idmatch assessment can be employed as part of the fitting process when creating a Passoni bike. We also have multiple Selle Italia saddles that can be trialled on the dynamo at our in-house fitting studio. And once you’ve decided on your perfect partner, Passoni can customise the saddle for your bicycle. 

Selle Italia SP01 Boost Tekno 

Selle Italia X Passoni SP01 Tekno
Order the custom Selle Italia SP01 Boost Tekno (Passoni Branded) from our shop.

The most advanced carbon fibre saddle. The SP01 Boost Tekno does away with padding and replaces it with Suspension Link Movement technology. This minimalist saddle can flex alongside your movements while retaining support and comfort in even the harshest environments. Weighing just 120g, it’s an incredible complement to any racing bicycle. Passoni has then worked on a custom matte finish, including gold Selle Italia logos alongside our Vitruvian-inspired twin-wheel device. 

You can purchase our custom saddles in our shop.

Selle Italia C59 saddle

Selle Italia X Passoni C59
Order the custom Selle Italia C59 Passoni Branded on our shop.

The SLR C59 is Selle Italia’s lightest saddle ever. It features a full-carbon shell supported by carbon rails, resulting in a meagre weight of only 61g. A neutral shape and  Superflow central cut-out ensure support and comfort. The saddle’s profile will be recognisable as following that of the classic SLR line. This simplified aesthetic perfectly matches the stripped-back design ethos of our bikes. To marry the two together, we offer similar custom finishing to that found on the SP01. 

Configure your Passoni dream bike to see which saddle fits the best with your ideal bespoke frame.