Passoni x Blossom Skis

Located north of Lake Como, Blossom Skis shares the same home terrain as Passoni.

Also animated by a similar desire to create beautiful handmade implements for exploring the natural world, it was an obvious partner for our latest collaboration.  

Like our bikes, these limited edition skis aim to be equally talented both up and downhill.  “We’re proud to present this new partnership with Blossom Ski and Atk Bindings,” explains Passoni owner Matteo Cassina.  “Like Blossom, we’re a niche player producing a small number of products each year. Passoni owners are also fetishists of the object.

Mirroring our approach to creating bicycles, we’ve worked with Blossom to produce a small number of beautiful skis that remain versatile and easy to handle”.   Based on Blossom’s xplore87 models, each pair utilises a wood-core sandwich construction, resulting in very low weight and responsive handling. It’s an artisan approach that still captures the latest in design thinking.

They also feature a new structure that sees the rocker inserted into the tip, allowing for greater float on fresh snow.  

“These are skis suitable for fearless people who adore the feeling of freedom when they are on the snow,” says Matteo.  Each pair is designed to cross all the terrain offered by the mountains and comes with Atk’s Free Touring bindings. These bindings match low weight with an uncompromising attitude to performance. Developing its expertise through racing, it’s another Italian brand that takes a similar approach to creating beautiful and carefully crafted tools for enjoying the mountains.