La Fidia Disco

The Fidia is an outlier in the Passoni range. A carbon bike from a maker famous for titanium, it offers an outstanding option for riders pursuing maximum lightness and responsivity.

“In 2003, Luca Passoni created a radical carbon fibre bicycle called the Futura,” explains Product Manager Matteo Visentini.   Produced in-house, this one-off bicycle was never sold commercially. However, it would help inform the brand’s first production carbon bicycle, the Animus.

Now the Fidia inherits this mantle. Available either ready-to-ride or made-to-measure, this carbon racer is the choice of Monument winner Filippo Pozzato.   Its oversize front end provides sharp handling, thanks partly to a distinctive broad top tube.

At the back, 3D-printed titanium dropouts provide perfect alignment and durability. “The Fidia’s construction is similar to a titanium bike,” says Visentini. “You begin by cutting the tubes and placing them in the jig. Then, once glued together, you wrap the joints with carbon to create a perfectly uniform finish”.  
Now available with an integrated cockpit and matching cabling, the Fidia is an artisan product that belongs to the machine age.

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