Material Titanium
Frame weight 1.5Kg
Price From €5700*
Colour 25 options

Created without compromise. The Titanio is a racing bike that shows why titanium remains unmatched in performance. Applying traditional calliper brakes to a hyper-modern frame, its low weight and instinctive handling will help you find your way to the front of any event.

"With the Titanio we wanted to marry performance with tradition, combining wide aggressive tubing with elegant classic welds and finish"   

Titanium is in Passoni’s blood, and the Passoni Titanio is our showcase of what titanium is capable of. Welded in a pressurised chamber, using Passoni’s closely guarded mixture of gases, the Titanio is built entirely from triple-butted Grade 5 (6Al/4V) and Grade 9 (3Al/2.5V) tubing. Every component is made at our atelier in Italy, to create a frame that embodies the stunning traditional aesthetics of titanium coupled with the material’s cutting edge performance qualities. A compact, sloping geometry combined with oversized titanium tubing makes this a perfect partner for riders who long for a mature and elegant ride quality, laced with a spirit of aggression and speed.
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The Titanio uses a 48mm bi-ovalised downtube, where the tube has a horizontal oval cross-section at the bottom-bracket, which curves into a vertical oval cross-section at the headtube. That maximises the contact area and tube diameter at both junctions, increasing rigidity while preserving low weight and ride quality.

A passion for titanium is in the DNA of Passoni, as expressed through the attention given to even minor components. From our custom-etched titanium seatpost clamp and brake bridge to our CNC-machined Grade 5 engraved bottom bracket shell, no detail is too small.
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Using high-strength Grade 5 titanium in a 56mm conical headtube, housing 1”½ lower and 1”⅛ upper stainless steel bearing cups, the Titanio boasts rigid and precise handling while maintaining the classic aesthetics of our brand. On top of industry-leading welding and manufacturing standards, our Titanio frames are sandblasted with the iconic Passoni logo, and spend 30 hours being finished and polished. Our Titanio frame can be built to accommodate disc or rim brakes alongside mechanical or electronic groupsets. We can build to any custom geometry requirements, and tune our selection of tubing to match your riding.
Il titanio è nel sangue di Passoni e il modello Passoni Titanio è la nostra vetrina di ciò che il titanio è in grado di fare. Saldato in una camera pressurizzata, utilizzando la miscela di gas strettamente controllata da Passoni, il Titanio è costruito interamente con tubi a triplo taglio di grado 5 (6Al/4V) e grado 9 (3Al/2,5V). Ogni componente è realizzato nel nostro atelier in Italia, per creare un telaio che incarna la splendida estetica tradizionale del titanio unita alle qualità prestazionali all'avanguardia del materiale. La geometria compatta e inclinata, combinata con tubi in titanio sovradimensionati, lo rende un partner perfetto per i ciclisti che desiderano una qualità di guida matura ed elegante, ma con uno spirito di aggressività e velocità.
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Frame Specification
Tubes Titanium grade 9 (3Al / 2,5V) with different thicknesses, drawn and strengthened. Titanium grade 5 (6Al / 4V) for head tube, bottom bracket shell and dropouts, CNC works
Front Triangle Round tubes, top tube Ø 36.4mm, seat tube Ø 35mm, downtube Ø 48mm Bi-oval
Rear Triangle Seat stays taper Ø 19mm. Oval chain stays taper 31 x 20mm
Bottom Bracket Shell Titanium grade 5, CNC machined, Passoni engraved logo and frame code, BSA threading or Titanium grade 5, CNC machined, Passoni engraved logo and frame code, PF30 system
Head Tube Integrated conical Ø 56mm, CNC machined, bearings Ø 1”1/8 upper – 1”1/2 lower
Dropouts Passoni project, shell-shaped, titanium grade 5, CNC machined. Ergal replaceable hanger
Seatpost Clamp Aluminium seat clamp made by Carbon-Ti - customised Passoni or Titanium seat clamp customised Passoni
Fork Columbus Futura Ø 56mm, customised Passoni
Options The frame is available for mechanical groupset, Di2/EPS groupset or wireless groupset.

The famous Passoni finishing

We believe in the beauty of simplicity. By constantly analysing, evolving and refining we aim craft exceptional bikes and deliver an unprecedented level of service. Over the decades we have applied this methodology to our Made-to-Measure process.

made-measure-order-title-step-first-bike THE SANDBLASTED FINISHING Sandblasted & Anodized (F3)

Aesthetic welding ripples, tubes finished by glass beads blasting, graphics applied directly on the tube in titanium by anodizing process.

made-measure-order-title-step-second-bike THE MACHINED SATING FINISHING The "Vinci" finishing (F2)

Aesthetic welding ripples, tubes machine satin finished, graphics applied directly on the tube in titanium by sandblast.

made-measure-order-title-step-third-bike THE CLASSIC PASSONI FINISHING Glazed by hand (F1)

Welding joints and tubes glazed by hand, graphics applied directly on the tube in titanium by sandblast.

* All prices shown on our website are intended to be for direct clients of Passoni Titanio Societa Benefit s.r.l. where we operate a point of sale at our Atelier in Vimercate (Milano). All prices exclude VAT, local duties and shipping costs calculated on each project with our clients depending on how we deliver products and when.